Q: I’m a great candidate and would love for you to find me a job.

A: Welcome! Check out the current opportunities. Please note that clients hire me to find them candidates they for a contract project or to become part of their staff. I don’t represent job seekers; I work for companies looking to hire an ideal candidate. I’d love for you to register so I can research your background, experience, skills, and references. If I choose to accept you as an affiliate, I’ll call you if I get a lead on a project for which you’d be just right.

Q: What’s your fee?

A: Our fee is paid by the companies who hire our candidates, and only once our recommended affiliate actual begins working for them. Our fees involve adding a percentage of the project’s hourly fee to our client’s invoice. Low overhead and efficient processes keep our standard fee lower than the industry standard for recruiting firms specializing in professional services.

Q: Why should I hire you instead of posting an ad for a candidate?

A: Quite simply, I’m an expert in my field. Chances are you’re here because you’ve already tried that. And you know as well as any hiring manager what an avalanche of unqualified candidates looks like. I remove the burden of pouring time and energy into the search process. You tell me what you need and I have a few well-qualified candidates to you, pre-vetted and examined very quickly. Posting jobs gets you volume. I give you uncluttered, easy, and ideal.

Q: I am looking for a job. Do you have any recommendations?

A: Yes! Click through to the links at our Resources page, browse through the posts in our blog tagged “job candidate,” and read our job candidate page for more information.

Q: Do you recruit executives?

A: Absolutely. I have extensive experience in C-suite-level searches. If you’re looking for an executive for your company, check out our client Employers page. If you’re looking to move into an executive role with one of our clients, read our candidate Have Skills page.

Q: What type of positions and projects do you staff?

A: Here is a partial list, but the simple answer is: any position you can name in the marketing communications field.

  • Project Talent
  • Temporary Consultant
  • Full-Time Hire
  • Marketing Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Editor
  • Internal Communications Coordinator
  • Translator
  • Copywriter
  • Vice President
  • Proofreader