The right fit for the job:

Fit comes from listening to clients, identifying qualified candidates, and weighing cultural and personal characteristics to find the right match.

I know that working well together means fitting into a company’s culture and work-style. So I focus on client needs well beyond their list of required skills. Far too many recruiters match resumes to job qualification lists, but I know from decades of experience that jobs and job candidates are not two-dimensional.

I do all my own searching and vetting, rather than outsourcing. I don’t depend on big companies to find candidates because I know I’ll get unqualified people. I have a proprietary system of discovery that I created and have used for decades: I find the candidates through my networks, connections, referrals, and registered affiliates. Then I match my clients with ideal job seekers. I never outsource or comb online databases for leads. I study and interview candidates and get a sense for the person behind the resume. This is what makes it possible for me to promise clients the ideal candidate.

Offering consulting predicated on fit is only possible because I’m a human talking to and listening to humans. I’m not a search bot and I don’t expect algorithms to do my job. Quantity will never win over quality in recruiting and staffing.

Doing the careful and precise work myself is why I find great candidates and make great matches.

The right recruiter for the assignment:

Agency a la Carte finds us work, handles the meetings and contracts, does the “face time” for us and then lets us to our work uninterrupted. I have never worked so easily and efficiently before.

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Agency a la Carte helped me to find not just one, but two permanent positions as well as one terrific freelance assignment in between.

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