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Jacksonville, Fla., January 17, 2017 – Kelly Hebert Senteno has been named Vice President, Sales and Business Development at Agency a la Carte, Northeast Florida’s leading staffing and recruiting firm specializing in marketing communications and creative services. In her new role, Senteno will be taking a leadership position in the company, helping to chart strategy […]

Work Wanted: Job hopping a black mark on your resume

By Candace Moody Wed, 27 Jul 2016, 06:08 AM You’ve heard that “job hopping” is bad for your career – a red flag for recruiters. Job hopping is defined as changing jobs “too often,” but of course that’s subjective. Most managers agree that multiple jobs held for two years or less will qualify you as a job hopper (layoffs happen, […]

Unemployed? 5 Ways to Change That.

This week, Fast Company alleges that it’s a great time to be unemployed. In her article, Lydia Dishman notes that there are twice as many companies looking for candidates as there are applicants. While that ratio seems off to me, Dishman’s larger point is excellent: you need to stand out in any market, and make […]

Interview Better

I’ve analyzed in another post some outrageous questions interviewers ask. And I’ve talked many candidates down off a metaphoric ledge by telling them after an interview where they were thrown off their game, that all those curveball questions are really trying to discern is your thinking style. But here’s an article in Forbes by Jenny Jedeikin that points […]

Freelance? Staff? Which Is Better?

Whether to contract or seek staff employment is one of the top three questions we get in our offices. (The other two are, “How do I find work?” and “How can I find the right candidate?”) There is, I hate to tell you, no right answer to the “Which is better: freelance or staff?” question. […]

Employer Brand in Three Steps

We have managed, as a service economy, to make everything a brand. Success or failure is based on perception, on value propositions, on connection, on consistent touchstone experiences. And that’s true for hiring, too. Candidates want to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you can deliver to their career. Explaining those […]