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Satisfied Employees? They’re Looking for Jobs, Too.

If you’re reading blog posts from a staffing agency, this won’t surprise you at all: researchers say employees are leaving companies in record numbers, and those who haven’t left are on their way out. Employee engagement is shocking human resources professionals, at a low of 31%. A Gallup poll in 2014 registered that just under half of employees […]

The Future of Job Applications Is Video

Video interviews are increasingly a part of the hiring process, in part because of time constraints, distance candidates, and the ubiquity of video conferencing. SEE MORE: Five Tips for Great Video Interviews A recent article on Mashable argues that employers will use more video technology in the future, and will do so in new ways. […]

Exciting News!

It is my great honor to introduce Kelly Senteno, who has joined Agency a la Carte as a subject-matter expert recruiter.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to have such an engaging, kind and funny colleague join Agency a la Carte in our efforts to offer a way for marketing communications clients and highly qualified candidates […]

Tips for Women in Leadership Roles

Jacksonville has a fair number of resources for women in business: we can find information, training, and opportunities through the Women Business Owners of Northern Florida and the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center. The Jacksonville Business Journal recently featured a profile of The Mayo Clinic’s former CE, Shirley Weis, that claimed to include nine tips for […]

Never Be Late: Secrets of Freelancers

In honor of the Spring Forward horror of Daylight Savings Time, I offer you tricks to kick your lateness habit and find more time in your day. You’re going to need them, with one fewer hour this week. Chronic lateness is irritating to clients and colleagues alike. If you’re late to the meeting, your boss […]

Top 4 Things Millennial Job Candidates Want

As marketing communications professionals, we know we have to understand what motivates Millennials so we can communicate our value effectively. Hiring and recruiting face a similar obligation, and we have to figure out Gen Y (and Gen Z, since they’re entering the workforce now, too) in order to fit the right candidate into crucial roles. […]