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Networking Missteps

In the process of searching for a job, one of the most important resources available to you is your network. But a network is not just a list of names on LinkedIn or the names that your email autofills when you type a few letters. Your network is the colleagues and friends you talk with […]

5 Terms to Avoid And 5 Replacements

My blog is full of admonitions to be honest on your resume. I tell candidates incessantly that they should never lie or exaggerate to hiring managers. So once you’re telling your story in completely honest terms, what words should you use? In our business, your language is part of your professional portrait, and how you […]

Finding Fit: Ask Better Questions

It can be challenging to winnow dozens of resumes to just a few strong candidates, but many hiring managers tell me the biggest challenge for them lies in the interview. They say that sometimes a candidate feels right, but they sometimes regret the choice they make when basing the hiring decision on that feeling. So […]

No Cover Letter Necessary

I’ve seen several online debates lately on whether cover letters are necessary any more. But it turns out the real debate is semantic, not substantive. And article on LifeHacks argues nobody reads cover letters, prizing instead the detailed resume. Author Alan Henry suggests your energy is better spent “customizing your resume, making connections, or building […]

Don’t Forget These 5 Resume Pieces

Your resume needs to have contact information, a summary of skills, your work and educational history, dates and locations of your jobs, and scintillating language about how you helped former employers. That’s standard. But what else should you include? LinkedIn URL. Email address and phone number are crucial, but few people forget those. Skip the […]