Five Good Reasons To Quit A Job

Five Good Reasons To Quit A Job

Is it time to quit your job?

Many of us reevaluate our jobs and decide to change roles or employers to further our career goals or financial needs. There are some situations, though, in which your departure needs to happen almost immediately.

Get out of your current job if any of the following are true. Especially if several of these are true.

1. Your job is making you sick.. If the stress, physical environment, or people are genuinely toxic, leave. Go. Give yourself a very short timeline to line up another job, and get the heck out if you’re in pain, constantly exhausted, or experiencing work rage.

2. Your work goes against your beliefs. If your family is your priority and your job keeps you from your family, it’s time to go. If your job makes you compromise your faith, you need a new job. If your current position involves furthering the aims of people or companies you despise, your relationship should end. Get out. Life’s too short to do things that actually erase who you are.

3. You don’t care if you do a good job. If your work ethic is nil, and you really couldn’t care less whether you do good work or mediocre work, you’re in the wrong job.

4. Everyone at work is awful. If your colleagues are dreadful, or bad at their jobs, or constantly annoying you, your job isn’t a healthy fit. Notice frustration, boredom, and anger for what they are: signs this is the wrong environment for you. Spend some time thinking about what you want in your career, then go looking for something new.

5. You never disconnect from work. It’s good to love your job, and it’s good to want to do your best. But if you genuinely believe you can’t turn off your phone for a weekend, nor go on a vacation without calling in, either your employer is asking too much or you’re giving too much. Either way, it’s time to start looking for something else. I’ve placed many executives who thought 24/7 was simply the cost of being in the C-Suite. It’s not. They’re much  happier now, in a job where they can excel but also step away regularly.