The Best Job Search Apps

The Best Job Search Apps

Many of our job-seeking affiliates do their job hunting via smartphone, so I polled them to offer a list of the best Android and iPhone apps for job seekers. Gone are the days of just scouring online job boards and submitting a resume in the mail.

Here’s what I learned from asking tech-savvy job candidates what apps they use for their searches.

Both platforms:

JobFinder Find leads from all over the Internet with a few clicks. The design is unattractive and reviews are pretty bad. But several respondents like it.

Indeed (Job Search by Offers a clean layout, simple architecture, and good results. A favorite in my poll because it aggregates so well from so many job-posting sites.

CareerBuilder Use location and keywords to find job openings. Also has an app for Employers and Hiring Managers. Search function is strong but ability to find niche jobs in marketing and public relations is somewhat hampered by the way our industry labels its jobs.

LinkedIn Job Search All the candidates I surveyed snubbed the LinkedIn app, but  they appreciate the remarkably agile LinkedIn Job Search. Relative to its parent company, the LinkedIn Job Search app offers a cleaner search function, better interface for saving jobs, and better presentation of the suggested job openings (the app analyzes roles and suggests the closest matches to your profile). A useful job-searching LinkedIn app is welcome since it can scan your existing profile for keywords rather than asking you to enter them.

iPhone only:

Glassdoor  Combine information from career search, employer reviews, and salary information into a clean, stylish interface. This was the hands-down winner among job seekers I polled.

JobCompass Much like other job search apps but with a GPS function that tells you how close each job is relative to others. If you want to minimize commute, this is a nice feature; otherwise this isn’t superior to other apps’ search capabilities or result screens.

Realtime Jobs Searches Twitter for job posts and offers an opportunity to write a quick pitch about your qualifications.

Android only:

Hire*a*Droid Compiles the results from JobFinder, Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn. Bet you’re glad you have a ‘Droid now, right? The sheer volume of jobs it pulls is daunting, so customize your search carefully.

While you’re at it:

Evernote is a great digital post-it note app. You can capture ideas for the next campaign, job research for your next interview, and capture contacts business cards all in one intuitive app.