Hiring Trends: Millennial Edition

Hiring Trends: Millennial Edition

We have made it to the moment when millennials are moving into management. Many people think that this is having great effects on how we work, but I think the shift is more prevalent in how we hire.

As marketing communications professionals, we have to understand what motivates Millennials so we can communicate our value effectively.

According to Matthew Goldman of Wallaby, the difficulty with Millennials is not their generation, but their age. They’re idealistic, he says. They’re young. Of course they’re inexperienced. They’re young.

But really, they’re not all that young. And they are the labor pool — from early career to managerial roles. So it’s time to learn how to hire millennials.

Where do you begin? Below are 3 ways to focus your approach and offerings to effectively engage with and hire Millennials.

1. Meaning

Chief among the aspirations of Millennials is work that makes a difference— a company that stands for something. Millennials won’t commit to their job unless it has inherent worth and meaning. So, talk about your business’s mission, demonstrate your engagement in workplace volunteering, and tout your pro bono work. Gen Y (otherwise known as Millennials) are drawn to companies that engage in the bigger picture so, make sure to promote what your company stands for online (or improve in the change-the-world arena….starting now).

2. Opportunity for Growth

Millennials start their own businesses more often than any other generation. If you don’t offer them the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance, they’ll create their own opportunities (likely with a different organization).

Millennials also plan before they execute and set procedures in place for their work. This generation of computer-literate workers actually think more like programmers than previous generations. They delineate options rather than jumping right in.

How can you make it clear to millennials you are here to help them grow?

  • Map out where their skills and your organization can grow together.
  • Make it clear the kind of work you value enough to reward.
  • Make it clear that your company values contributions and focused engagement.
  • Help them see that there is more than just one path and explain each path.

Do those things and Gen Y candidates and employees will be more willing to choose you over the competition.

In the interview process, take advantage of their programmer-mindset by asking questions that presume they’ve researched the company. They have more awareness of their work processes than you might expect, so ask them about how they’d approach their role. Be prepared to tell them about existing workflow, and ask what they’d do to optimize the way your team works. You don’t have to take their suggestions, but the dialogue might give you ideas while it shows the strength of a good candidate’s thinking. Ask some questions to find out about cultural fit. Millennials might be more familiar and facile with such creative and quirky questions.

3. Health and Wellness

According to Washington Post research, Millennials are more keen to cultivate and maintain good health than previous generations. And this shows up in HR departments as a request for strong health care, fitness, and wellness programs at work. Offering onsite yoga or offsite gym memberships is a simple, effective way to attract younger workers to your business and promotes a healthy work life balance.

These three things will help you to hire millennials in all levels of your company and leave you confident in their work. Now that you have them hired, here are ways to keep them engaged.