How a Recruiting Partner Can Help You Hire Better

hiring better through recruitment partnerships

Matching and hiring the right candidates with the right background and skills comes across as an easy task to some, yet often this task is much harder than expected. 


Hiring the right candidates is exciting, challenging, and important to a team’s camaraderie and organization’s success. If it’s not done properly, the process to finding a new addition to your team can become time consuming and destructive. 


From sourcing candidates, conducting phone screens, coordinating interviews, making offers, onboarding, to training, this process can put stress on your organization’s everyday productivity. Many companies choose to partner with recruiting and staffing agencies to lighten the burden for completing these activities and save them time


In a world where time is of the essence, the hiring process should be streamlined and not take any longer than estimated. The right staffing and recruiting partner will eliminate stress and ensure a successful working relationship between parties with open communication and transparency every step of the way.


Where to begin 


You may be asking yourself, “Why can’t I do this myself?” or “What’s in it for me?” The reality is that establishing the right relationship with the right partner can save you hours of valuable time. Once you decide to partner with a third-party recruiting team, communication between both parties is key. 


Hiring managers must spend time speaking with the recruiting team to clearly communicate what they are looking for in a successful candidate from the start. Often, it’s what’s not in the job description that becomes the most important.


Defining elements of success such as culture fit, work ethic, personality, and interpersonal skills can become make-or-break come offer time. It’s important to be honest and give constructive dialogue upfront to your recruiting partner. This will only save you both time later.


how to hire better with an RPO


No time to waste


During the recruiting process, time-sensitive information is exchanged with each candidate. Both candidates and clients can benefit from timely and responsive dialogue. Most likely, great candidates are not only interviewing for your role, but also may be further in the interview process with other opportunities. 


Keeping open communication and providing timely feedback after candidate interviews helps your recruiting team be able to work faster on your behalf to avoid losing great candidates. Clogged communication between recruiters and hiring managers can lead to losing out on a potential hire.


How to communicate


Taking the time to communicate in the right way can grant you access to some of the most sought-after candidates in the market. While email usually seems like the most convenient method of communication, there is no substitute for shedding light on your candidate’s recommendation to your recruitment partner via phone call or in-person meeting.


The more your recruiting partner knows about the structure of your team, the culture, and the ins-and-outs of the position’s responsibilities, the higher caliber of talent their efforts will attract. 


Accurately positioning your job in the marketplace is crucial to attracting the best talent out there. The better your team can communicate with your recruiting partner, the better they can understand which candidates will bring the utmost success to the position.


Your recruiting partner needs to be able to sell the opportunity to the best of the best, and ultimately find the best fit for your team.