How to Interview Better

How to Interview Better

I’ve analyzed in another post some outrageous questions interviewers ask. And I’ve talked many candidates down off a metaphoric ledge by telling them after an interview where they were thrown off their game, that all those curveball questions are really trying to discern is your thinking style.

But here’s an article in Forbes by Jenny Jedeikin that points out how simultaneously straightfoward and incisive interview questions can be.

It’s a good read, mostly because it’s proof that the core of good interview questions are about getting to how you think, what you are able to assess in hindsight, and what it’s like to be with you in a more comfortable setting. These aren’t about practiced answers; they’re about being able to step back, analyze, and articulate your thoughts.

The highlights, for your interview planning:

  • Describe yourself in one word.
  • What was the last thing you learned on the job?
  • What isn’t on your resume?
  • How long are you willing to fail before you succeed?
  • What’s in the newspaper today?
  • Tell me something true that nobody agrees with you about.

Read these questions and several more in Ms. Jeneikin’s article before practicing your interview skills.

Good luck!