Learning from the Hiring Process at Google

The trends in marketing, advertising, and public relations often set the tone for other industries. But increasingly, we’re mirroring what tech does.

And according to this article, Google searches for and hires people who fit basic touchstones: critical thinking and perseverance. Industry-leading companies need someone who can properly assess a situation, craft a solution, and keep working and adapting until a problem resolves. Tech companies often want to see facility with logic, analysis, and problem solving, and they assess those skills in a variety of ways.

One way is asking curveball questions that approach these skills from oblique angles.

Another is asking for concrete examples of overcoming a challenge. Questions asking for specifics about surmounting obstacles elicit not only problem-solving ability but also an idea of what a candidate finds challenging. This approach is enormously useful because knowing what kinds of challenges a candidate finds difficult enables hiring managers to find the right role for them.

And as public relations, advertising, and marketing job searches adapt to the priorities we see in tech, I do believe such interview questions will become part of our norm. Because the best way to hire candidates who can conduct campaigns, produce deliverables, and engage in meaningful ways is to hire like tech does. Thoughtfully.