Interview Tips: What You Say Versus What We Hear

I’ve written several posts on how to outperform the competition in interviews. Whether on the phone or through video technology, there are several ways to prepare to do your best. And in person, there are myriad positive steps you can take and major missteps you can avoid.

Fast Company has created a hilarious (and painful) video of examples for dreadful answers to interview questions. Watch it to see some of the reasons you might be losing jobs that otherwise fit your experience and passions.

We’ve talked before about how interviews, at least preliminary interviews, are not the time to ask about vacation time, benefits, or salary. The video shows why: if you’re focused on the details that early, you likely don’t care about the overall job and its role in the company. Focus instead on what success looks like in the position, and how an ideal candidate will perform in the first three months, and you will be a stronger candidate than those who focus on what the company can do for them.