There are five key benefits to hiring Agency a la Carte for your personnel needs:

Meticulous vetting process. Mary carefully dissects candidate resumes and portfolios to ensure Agency a la Carte is affiliated with the best and most qualified candidates. After Mary listens to your requirements and assesses your needs and corporate culture, she will only send you the top three to five ideal candidates to fit your company. You don’t have to spend your time poring over resumes or scanning the crowd to filter out candidates who won’t work for you. Mary knows where to look and whom to ask, so her proven process is more efficient and her candidates offer a great fit.

Pre-interviewed candidates. Mary interviews every candidate before we submitting them to you so she has a better understanding of the individual’s career goals and professional style. The professionals Mary sends you will be the best available for your job.

Industry referrals. Most of the professionals in our pool come to us through industry referrals. The candidates Mary sends you have great references…often from our own clients. As a subject-matter expert and industry specialist, Mary knows the companies who are referring our candidates. She isn’t just calling someone’s friend for a reference. She has heard from (and are double checking with) established companies whose standards are as high as yours.

Streamlined process. We can save you the time-consuming steps of record verification, reference checks, drug tests, and skills tests when they’re necessary for your hiring process. We have all of these processes in place, which saves you time, effort, and money. If you prefer, however, or if your company requires it, we will use your processes.

Matchmaking. Decades of experience in recruiting, staffing, and consulting means that Mary knows that you will have the happiest, most productive, long-term employees when you hire a candidate whose personality matches that of your organization. Finding the right candidate for your project or position includes much more than just pairing skills and experience with a task. Fit is a lofty goal, but Mary will find you the best candidate for your job. We can’t promise you love at first sight, but she can get pretty darned close.