We are flexible. Many times, our clients want to “test drive” a candidate before bringing him or her in as an employee. We can work with you to determine a contract rate and provisions for transferring through a direct-hire fee.

We provide a stipend for health insurance and other benefits to our contractors. Contract consultants who work for Agency a la Carte 25 hours per week or more have access to a unique package of benefits.

We are a fully licensed and insured staffing firm with administrative and legal support. Every assignment will have specific Terms of Service for you and the contract consultant. All of our affiliates sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements with us so you can rest assured our consultancy includes appropriate employment and contract practices.

Mary does her best to meet every candidate. Very few recruiters can make this claim. But since her hallmark involves matching personalities as well as skills, it’s important for us to try to meet our candidates face-to-face whenever possible.

Our people are connected. Seriously connected. Just ask anyone you know in advertising, marketing, or PR. Chances are they have heard good things about us.