Interview Checklist

Checklist for your next interview:

  1. Have you researched the company? Thoroughly?
  2. Do you know where you’re going so you can be there 5 minutes early? (If it’s a phone interview, do you have a landline or charged cell and a quiet place to sit?)
  3. Have you anticipated questions they might ask? Have you prepared your answers?
  4. Do you have clothes that bespeak confidence and professionalism? (No, you don’t get out of this for a phone interview. You sound confident and professional if you look your best.)
  5. Have you spent a few minutes in your power pose?
  6. Have you prepared questions to ask the interviewer?
  7. Do you have an extra copy of your resume? Have you reviewed it so you can answer questions about your experience easily?
  8. Have you done what you need to physically calm yourself? (e.g., exercise, extra rest, yoga, meditation, time in nature…whatever relaxes you)?
  9. Do you have a PDF version of your portfolio in case your wifi doesn’t work?
  10. Do you have your thank you note paper ready for after the interview? You’re going to send a note when you get home, right?
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